Christmas Lights Recycling

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Did you know that throwing away old Christmas lights is bad for landfills, and the environment?That’s why All American Recycling is holding our annual Christmas Light Recycling campaign this December in the Chicagoland area! This holiday season we’re giving the gift of environmental stewardship to our local community by providing bins at drop off and pickup locations of your choosing.

Every holiday season, trash cans are filled with partially functional, or completely dilapidated holiday lights. Many of these strands contain Compact Fluorescent Lightbulbs (CFLs) that release toxic mercury when the lights break. That’s not a substance you want in your trash can, nor your local landfill.

If lights are processed by All American Recycling, however, they can be recycled for their plastic, glass, and copper. And as an added incentive, you’ll receive a monetary scrap rebate for lights collected or have us donate to a charity of your choice. Broken and/or unused lights, string lights, and extension cords are also accepted.

Are you a landlord, property manager, community manager, or residence manager with tons of residents who like to use Christmas and holiday lights? Participate in our event to get your residents’ lights recycled and keep them out of landfills!