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All American Recycling is Chicagoland’s fastest growing scrap metal recycling company, and we love the big jobs, like railcar scrapping. See below to find out how you can get the best price for your railcar scrap metal today.

All American Recycling Can Pick up Your Railcars and Bring Them to Our Facilities

America still runs on rail, and we know that fact very well. All American Recycling is all about honesty and integrity, and that is exactly what you will find if you hire us to dismantle your old railcars. We’ve been doing this for almost two decades, and we are the best in the business in Chicagoland at railcar processing. We can arrange to have your railcar scrapped at any one of our four locations.


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All American Recycling Can Transport Your Railcars for Scrapping

All American Recycling is in the business of establishing solid business relationships, and we show that by coming to you. We know that many companies don’t want to pay transportation or “handling” costs for moving their old railcars for processing.

If your old railcars can move, we can move them to our Chicago facility, and if they can’t, we can decommission your railcars right on site, and “handle” moving the scrap out of your yard forever. This lower cost method is care-free and preferred by many of our railcar recycling customers.


All American Recycling Will Help You Maximize Your Payout For Your Railcar Scrap Metal

There is no better way to establish a solid business relationship than to enter into a partnership. At All American Recycling we know that partnerships work both ways, and we can make sure that you get the best price for your dismantled railcar scrap materials. If you have materials that we want, such as steel, your price will be lower, and if your material is already broken down, we’ll help you sell it.

We understand that scrap metal recycling isn’t something you think about every day. However, we do, so let us do the heavy lifting in our partnership.


Railcar Scrap Metal


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What Kind of Rail Cars Does All American Recycling Dismember?

What Kind of Rail Cars Does All American Recycling Dismember?

We at All American Recycling welcome all customers, and we certainly feel the same way about your railcars. We take them in all shapes and sizes and conditions, whether they’re decrepit, environmentally hazardous or unserviceable. We’re happy to dismantle old railcars, boxcars, any and all other railway vehicles — and even gondolas.

We’re also hyper-sensitive to the needs of customers who need to adhere to the Fixing America’s Surface Transportation Act. We’ve been helping customers for years to dismantle and recycle their DOT-111 tank cars, whether they are full of oil, ethanol or other Class 3 flammable liquids.

Time is running out to be in compliance, as the phase-out schedule mandates that all non-jacketed DOT-111 tank cars need to be out of commission by May 1, 2023, and jacketed DOE-111 tank cars by May 1, 2025.


Is All American Recycling Safe and Environmentally Friendly?

We at All American Recycling follow the very latest safety measures, protocols and safeguards. We’re just as concerned about protecting our clients by using the latest safety guidelines as we are about keeping our staff safe. Railcar scrapping involves handling ferrous and non-ferrous metals, chemicals, volatile liquids and heavy machinery, and we take safety extremely seriously.

We also take environmentally hazardous materials seriously, as we at All American Recycling pride ourselves on being good stewards to the environment. Whatever condition your railcars are in, or what chemicals they contain, we’re committed to processing and recycling every piece of scrap in the most eco-friendly way possible.


Is All American Recycling Safe and Environmentally Friendly?

Why Choose All American Recycling?

Honesty, integrity and friendly customer service are what we pride ourselves on at All American Recycling. We know that these virtues are the foundation that solid business relationships are built on. The scrap metal and recycling industry continues to change, and the state of the economy will at times test us, but we always seek to find better and newer ways to serve our partners. We want the recycling experience to be one you repeat, and we incentivize that by delivering you the most money for your materials.

At the end of the day, isn’t that the type of partner and recycling center you want working for you?


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