Wire Chopping Line

Turn your old scrap wire and cable into cash with convenient wire chopping line services at All American Recycling

Why use AAR’s Wire Chopping Line?

We know that scrap metal and wire recycling isn’t something you think about until wires and scrap pile up. When your search for electrical wire recycling near me returns complicated directions for handling industrial copper wire or copper cable recycling, turn to All American Recycling. We take the hassle and guesswork out of cable and wire recycling with friendly customer service and competitive pricing.

Whether you need to recycle coaxial cable or other scrap wire, AAR takes your recycling needs seriously. Our state-of-the-art facilities and four convenient Chicagoland locations mean AAR is always ready to handle your scrap load quickly and professionally. AAR even offers convenient tolling services.

Stop wondering what to do with old wires and contact All American Recycling today!

MTB Cable Box Chopping Line

All American Recycling is proud to be one of the few wire recyclers across North America to operate an MTB cable box chopping line.

Our in-house wire chopper machine is a state-of-the-art system capable of high-volume processing for quick and accurate copper wire recycling. Unlike our competitors, our copper wire chopper machine and wire shredder system feature built-in precision sorting and processing capabilities. AAR’s MTB Cable Box chopping line accommodates a variety of scrap wire products and separates more recyclable material from plastic or rubber coatings.

Our system benefits the environment and industry, but our customers benefit, too. Quick processing and accuracy mean pain-free recycling and quicker payouts at top-dollar pricing.

What is Tolling? Does AAR pay companies for recovery?

AAR partners with you for all your recycling needs, simplifying the metal recycling process with a wide range of services. For our partners in construction and demolition, AAR does the heavy lifting with our competitive tolling service.

As part of our tolling service, companies send us loads of wire to sort, shred, and recycle. Our facilities efficiently recover all recyclables from your mixed or straight loads. We even offer convenient on-site containers or live demolition removal options. Our shredding and chopping machines quickly and efficiently recover your recyclable materials. As your recycling partner, we guarantee timely, accurate reporting and competitive pricing on each recovery.

Don’t let old wire and cable clutter your project site or home. Call All American Recycling today to learn how AAR tolling services help keep Chicagoland clean and turn junk into profit.

Wire Recyclers

Recycling scrap wire and cable provide positive environmental impacts while generating income. AAR efficiently recycles scrap metals such as Industrial copper wire, which can be recycled repeatedly without degrading. Our state-of-the-art facility and systems feature copper shredder and chopping capabilities that leave a minimal carbon footprint. Our process uses less energy to recycle your scrap wire and cable than mining and processing virgin metals without mining’s long-term environmental destruction.

As a full-service recycling center, our team of experts specialize in recycling all ferrous and non-ferrous metals. While copper, aluminum, steel, and lead are the most common, we are happy to answer questions and provide you with a quote for any other recyclable metal.

At AAR, we make recycling painless and profitable, paying top dollar with our quick and easy recycling services. Our streamlined process and advanced recycling technologies mean AAR handles higher volume recycling faster to offer more competitive pricing.

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