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Construction Scrap Removal

All American Recycling is Chicagoland’s fastest growing recycling company, and we’re ready to tackle your construction metal debris removal needs. We offer a range of services to get the clutter off of your site so you can avoid any health or environmental problems, and instead see the beauty of what you constructed.

Metal Debris Pickup


All American Recycling offers many services and is prepared to take on projects big and small. That is why we have several options for picking up your metal construction waste. If your site has waste and rubble piling up, and you didn’t plan on having your construction metal debris removed until the end of a project, All American Recycling can step in with the equipment and know-how to get your construction site back to normal.

In some cases we’ll provide the muscle, and other times you’ll want to do the labor yourself. Either way, All American Recycling is your answer for construction debris disposal.

Construction Scrap
Dumpster Rental


If you’re a builder on a large project, you may have space available for us to install one of our portable metal waste disposal containers. We’re happy to provide van trailers, roll off boxes or top gondolas so that your workers can dispose of metal construction debris as your project progresses. And when a disposal container is full, we’ll take the debris off your hands and return the container empty.

We also have a range of sizes to meet any project’s needs, whether you’re remodeling a home, clearing out a house or constructing a commercial building. We at All American Recycling pride ourselves on our honesty, integrity and friendly customer service, and we’ll work with you to determine what’s best.

Construction Scrap
Live Load Pickup


Don’t have any room on site? Or, is your construction waste load extremely large? Don’t worry, All American Recycling loves big projects! We’re happy to bring our large, open-topped trucks for you to deposit your metal construction debris. Avoid paying rental fees for dumpsters by getting your debris out fast with All American Recycling’s live load pickup service.

All American Recycling Construction Metal Recycling

All American Recycling is always on the lookout for responsible partners. Not only do we want to improve your recycling experience—we also want to deliver top dollar for your materials.

All American Recycling is committed to sustainable and environmentally-friendly building, and we know that responsible construction metal waste recycling is at the heart of that effort. Some materials are far more difficult to dispose of than others, and All American Recycling will make sure that all construction debris will be recycled or disposed of properly.

As with general construction debris, All American Recycling offers several options to meet your construction recycling needs.


All American Recycling Construction Debris Recycling

On-site Construction Debris Recycling Services

On-site Construction Debris Recycling Services

All American Recycling is always on the lookout for responsible partners. Not only do we want to improve your recycling experience—we also want to deliver top dollar for your metal materials.

Recycling is All American Recycling’s bread and butter, and we are actively looking for recyclable materials to be repurposed. As your project progresses, you might encounter copper wiring, steel or aluminum siding—all of which are
valuable to All American Recycling, and which we will pay for.

All American Recycling has all the equipment necessary for your construction debris recycling management needs, including trailers, lugger boxes, hoppers, gaylord boxes and more. We will make sure you get top dollar on the secondary market, so that you can be environmentally friendly and profitable at the same time.

Construction Recycling Pick Up Services

If you have large amounts of scrap metal, our team is happy to come on site to separate and remove any and all valuable materials. Our fleet of trucks is ready for live loads of all sizes, and we are ready to provide any equipment necessary to complete your construction waste recycling

Construction Recycling Pick Up Services

For questions regarding what recycling material we will and won’t accept, check out the Metals We Accept Page.

How do I get rid of metals from construction debris?

Call All American Recycling today, and we’ll haul all of your construction debris away, leaving your site spick and span.

Where can I dump metals from construction debris?

All American Recycling has four processing and salvage yards in Joilet, Ford Heights, Aurora and Chicago.

How To Recycle Metal Debris From Construction?

We understand that scrap metal recycling isn’t something you think about every day. However, we do! Schedule a pick up from All American Recycling today.

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